Meet the Crew Behind the Scenes

We would like to introduce two of our dedicated employees who work behind the scenes to keep ZNHA rolling smoothly.  Meet Toni and Tammy…. the ZNHA warehouse crew.

Toni Tracy came on board as warehouse technician and has been here longer than anyone in the organization. She has seen a lot of change and growth within the organization and with the park partners. When asked about working with ZNHA, Toni reminisced about the days when the shuttle first started and the ZNHA wing was added to the administration building. Toni adds tenure, experience, and humor to the workplace with her delightful attitude. She is one to go the extra mile to provide customer service. She wants everyone to have the best possible experience in Zion and with ZNHA. She puts herself out there to become friends with the everyone – we think of Toni as the “welcome wagon.” She is an asset to ZNHA and Zion National Park.

Tammy Eberhard, Warehouse Manager, has been with ZNHA for fifteen years. Her contribution to the organization has been multi-faceted as she has served on various committees and contributed in countless ways. Tammy doesn’t just receive and stock products, she manages all aspects of the warehouse. When interviewed about working for ZNHA, Tammy said, “I’m proud to have been part of the product representation and development of our stores. The ZNHA store was initially packed in a corner of the old visitor center (now the Zion Human History Museum). I’ve been fortunate to work with people over the years that have worked closely with our park partners to develop and introduce products and programs that I think have far surpassed all our expectations for revenue. I’m lucky to have a job that supports a park that is so special to me.”

A big shout-out to these two awesome ladies!