10th Plein Air Week

Dear Friends of Zion National Park,

In 1904 the artist and writer Frederick Dellenbaugh was stunned by his first views of Zion Canyon. He could hardly believe the “immense prodigality of color” surrounding him. The work of this year’s 24 invited plein air artists beautifully captured that indescribable array of color and generated an “immense prodigality of joy” in all who were fortunate enough to be here.

The amazing works of art created during plein air week allowed thousands of Zion visitors to see this place through new eyes. And through it all, our spirits were lifted and our hope was renewed for the future of this place we love so much.

We sincerely thank you for your support of the 2018 Plein Air Art Invitational in Zion. It was a wonderfully successful and memorable event, and we deeply appreciate your contribution to making it so.

From the Zion National Park Forever Project and our Zion National Park & Zion Lodge partners.

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