Local Photographers Making a Difference in Zion

Kyle and Tori, a husband and wife team from Southern Utah, are not just photographers. They’re our partners in preserving the beauty of Zion National Park. Through their work, Kyle Loves Tori Photography, specializes in adventure weddings and elopements, capturing the unique love stories of couples against the breathtaking backdrop of Zion and beyond. “While we’re primarily photographers, for many of our couples we’re also their planners and guides to the wedding day. We use our local expertise to help our couples plan intimate, meaningful elopements that show off all that Zion has to offer in a sustainable way so we can also play a part in protecting it for future generations!”

After living on the road, Kyle and Tori decided to make Southern Utah their home, drawn by Zion’s natural beauty and sense of community. Their connection to the park is deep, not just because of the stunning views they photograph but also because of their family’s history with the region.

Their commitment to giving back to the park sets Kyle and Tori apart. By donating 1% of their proceeds to the Zion Forever Project, they directly contribute to our efforts to protect and conserve Zion National Park and all our region’s public lands for future generations. This partnership is invaluable, as it helps fund vital conservation projects, educational programs, and research initiatives.

Their generosity doesn’t end with financial support. Kyle and Tori also share their photographs with us, providing visual resources that enhance our ability to connect with and educate the public about the importance of preserving our natural landscapes. “We love any chance we get to incorporate personal elements into a couple’s wedding experience. Colleen and Michael love visiting National Parks and collecting passport stamps, so we obviously had to get a stamp on their wedding day! While we often focus on capturing the grandeur that Zion has to offer, these fun and personal moments really pull the whole experience together in a meaningful way!”

Partners like Kyle and Tori are essential to the success of our non-profit mission. Their dedication to giving back highlights the powerful impact that local businesses and individuals can have on conservation efforts. By supporting the park through their art, Kyle and Tori inspire others to do the same, proving that all of us can make a difference, now and forever.

We are incredibly grateful for Kyle and Tori’s partnership and for the passion they bring to their work and our cause. Together, we can ensure Zion National Park and all of our public lands remain a source of inspiration and beauty.