Unlocking Nature’s Classroom

Zion Forever’s Educational Mission


Zion’s education team recently met with more than 80 eighth graders from a Title I school in Cedar City, Utah, to delve into the park’s natural wonders. With the Zion Forever Project providing additional boots-on-the-ground educators, the capacity to engage students in meaningful, hands-on learning experiences was significantly enhanced. This collaboration is a prime example of how Zion Forever’s team acts as a force multiplier for the NPS, allowing for a broader spectrum of programs to benefit all elementary through high school students.

Jessica Burr, Education Program Manager for the Zion Forever Project, captured the essence of the initiative’s goals: “Our recent event with Canyon View Middle School exemplifies our commitment to not only enrich students’ understanding of their environment but to empower them with the skills needed to explore and appreciate nature, both in national parks and in their own backyards. This is the true impact, enabling us to grow these programs and touch the lives of more young explorers.”

The event highlighted the critical need for such programs, which are currently offered by the NPS on a limited lottery basis and constrained by resources. The Zion Forever Project’s intervention, supported by donor funds, helps to expand these opportunities, creating customized programming that caters to the diverse needs of schools and organizations.

As the project continues to evolve, the invitation extends to educators to reach out for custom programming, ensuring that the legacy of exploration and environmental stewardship is passed on to future generations. To learn more about creating a custom experience for your school or program, email Jessica Burr.