A Big Zion Thank You to the CSAA Insurance Group

Zion is a diverse landscape. Diverse in its geology, plants, animals, and in the people that care for it. Becoming a “Keeper of the Sanctuary” means a commitment to taking care of this sacred land and being present-minded about the importance of its preservation. Companies like CSAA Insurance Group are joining us in our mission by putting dollars and boots on the ground.

Respect for the canyon is a personal responsibility. For some companies that personal responsibility truly becomes a group effort. Roger Hancock with CSAA Insurance Group has been leading service projects in Zion even before the Volunteer program was in existence. Since 2011, Roger and the CSAA team have donated more than $13,000 and provided over 1,100 hours of service in the canyon. These impacts are not small, and at over 400 gallons of trash removed, the impact of their efforts are felt each season. Zion’s trails do not clean themselves, but Zion Forever Project is so fortunate to have volunteers like this pitch-in to do their part.

Thank you CSAA and to all who have contributed to being a “Keeper” of this amazing landscape.