Is your trip to Zion during a time when the Forever Project has no classes or hikes scheduled? No problem.

More than a guide . . .  your own personal Naturalist/Instructor will connect you to Zion in a meaningful way with knowledge and insights through our “Custom Explore Zion” program. Our knowledgeable experts will not only customize the subject matter, but the trails as well, as they fill your half-day or full-day with newfound wonder and awe for this all-encompassing beauty that is Zion National Park. If you want to discover the best that Zion has to offer and learn about the natural forces that created the canyon, then call us today and book the experience of a lifetime.

Contact Michael Plyler, Director of Field Programs, at 435.772.7643 or by email [email protected]. We’re waiting to show you a Zion you have never seen before.

  • 1/2 Day (up to 4 hours) $325 for the first 4 people; $30 per person thereafter
  • Full day (7-8 hours) $525 for the first 4 people; $50 per person thereafter