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Look into the past of Zion, where rivers meet oceans, volcanoes erupt ash onto forests where dinosaurs live, and where deserts rival the Sahara. Short hikes will lead to an understanding of the geologic foundation of Zion. We’ll focus on exploring the continual cutting and shaping of the canyon. A look at landslides and rock falls that still occur in the park will give a sense of the ever-changing landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain an in-depth appreciation of Zion’s “rock” past. Limited to 6 participants.

FEE: $65.00

MINIMUM ENROLLMENT: 3 by Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021 @ 12 noon or class will cancel. If you’re reading this past the minimum enrollment date it means the class is a go and you can still sign up by calling 435 772 3264.

INSTRUCTOR: Grant Shimer

AGES: 15 years and up

MEETS: 9:00 am at Zion Nature Center.

ACTIVITY LEVEL RATING: EASY Flat walking of up to 4 miles. Combined short walks or one continuous hike.


November 6, 2021