ZFP Podcast: “Five in the Field”

A Look at the People, Places, and Forces of Nature that shape the Greater Zion Landscape

WHAT MAKES A DESERT? – Join our team member Stephani as she and Michael Plyler (Director of Field Programs) discover why Utah is one of the more diverse deserts in the world. Learn about Zion’s biodiversity and the ecologic and geologic factors that contribute to making Zion a truly global heritage.


Zion’s unusual plant diversity stems from its proximity to three overlapping eco regions and unique geologic factors.

Water seeps deep into the porous Navajo Sandstone, but emerges when it meets the impervious shale below.

Various forms of yucca and cactus thrive in the high desert of the Colorado Plateau.

Zion Field Classes provide specialized learning opportunities led by expert naturalists.