3 D Atlas of Zion National Park


To the casual observer, the maps in this book seem to be printed somewhat out of register, but when you put on a pair of red/cyan glasses, these same images emerge in eye-popping anaglyphic 3D, bringing the process of interpreting and understanding maps to a whole new level.

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Utah’s Zion National Park is one of the best known and loved travel destinations in the United States. Covering an area of 407 square miles (1054 square kilometers), the maps in this book provide a detailed atlas of the entire park and its surrounding area in a completely new way. Together the pages in this book are an atlas of 39 detailed topographic maps accompanied by 39 aerial photographs, of which the maps and photographs have been converted to anaglyphic 3D.

By: Steven L. Richardson and Benjamin M. Richardson

The maps are at a scale of 1:24,000

Two pairs of red/cyan glasses are included


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