Chipmunk Earrings


Occasionally noticed by the observant visitor to Zion National Park is a small, striped animal called a Chipmunk. Often mistaken for the more frequently spotted Rock Squirrel, the tiny Chipmunk is more reticent and is identified by its smaller size, its pattern of stripes, and its vocalizations that resemble bird chirps. Due to many years of acclimation to people visiting the Canyon, Chipmunks may approach a visitor, or even sneak into a backpack, in search of human food that is not healthy for them to eat. It’s important to remember that although they may be cute, Chipmunks are wild animals that may bite when approached, so please do not feed the wildlife.

Consciously created by artisans from recycled cereal boxes, this pair of earrings offers dual designs – one for each ear. Adorning a pair of Jabebo Earrings not only recognizes the beauty and uniqueness of the natural world, but also in YOU!
– Chipmunk Earrings
– 1.5” Drop
– Created from upcycled materials
– Laminated for protection from the elements
– Made in the USA

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