Daisy & Bee Earrings


Besides its extraordinary geological appeal, Cedar Breaks National Monument is home to over 250 species of wildflowers, providing sustenance for many pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. This effervescent dance of color is recognized yearly by the Cedar Breaks annual Wildflower Festival.
Whether you attend the festival or simply celebrate the beauty of blooms, Jabebo Earrings capture the magnificence of nature. Consciously created by artisans from recycled cereal boxes, this pair of earrings offers dual designs – one for each ear.
Adorning a pair of Jabebo Earrings not only recognizes the beauty and uniqueness of each wildflower, but also in YOU!

– Daisy & Bee Earrings
– 2” Drop
– Created from upcycled materials
– Laminated for protection from the elements
– Made in the USA

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