Dragonfly Earrings


There’s something magical about Dragonflies. They’re a wonder to watch as they effortlessly skip across the perennial waters of Zion National Park. They depend on this water for their survival as they lay their eggs in streams, ponds, or other aquatic environments. Dragonflies are an important part of the Zion ecosystem, keeping mosquito populations in check, and helping you to have a more enchanting experience while visiting the National Park.
Consciously created by artisans from recycled cereal boxes, this pair of earrings offers dual designs – one for each ear. Adorning a pair of Jabebo Earrings not only recognizes the beauty and uniqueness of the natural world, but also in YOU!

– Dragonfly Earrings
– 1.5” Drop
– Created from upcycled materials
– Laminated for protection from the elements
– Made in the USA

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