Plush Bat


While bats often get a bad rap, they are crucial to our ecosystems. Did you know that bats are insectivores who provide a natural form of pest control? Bats are also pollinators. Like bees and butterflies, they provide pollination for an array of plants and trees as well as disperse seeds. To date, some 17 different bat species have made Zion’s unique canyon environment their home. And while we are sleeping, our canyon “roommates” are busy at work!

The Zion Forever Project has funded programs supporting research on these furry little mammals. But reaching a bat’s roost can require skilled climbers and canyoneers. One of our bat-focused programs supported the collaboration of citizen climbers working with park biologists to explore cliff hibernacula (where bats spend winters) and the gathering of meaningful data from these highly remote locations.

But YOU don’t have to climb a mountain to make one of Zion’s furry little bats your new “roomie.” Offered in both an 8” and 12” option, your cuddly bat is consciously made utilizing recycled bottles.

Like every purchase from ZFP stores, your dollars contribute to making a difference for Zion now, and forever.

– Size options: 8” or 12”
– Eco-friendly
– Made from up to 16 recycled water bottles

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