Saw-Whet Owl Earrings


Rarely seen due to its nocturnal nature, the tiny Saw-whet Owl hunts for its next meal during the nighttime hours. Perhaps you heard its call while enjoying a moonlit hike or viewing the starry sky at Cedar Breaks? These raptors make a distinctive sound similar to whetting a saw, which is how its name was derived.
Consciously created by artisans from recycled cereal boxes, this pair of earrings offers dual designs – one for each ear. Adorning a pair of Jabebo Earrings not only recognizes the beauty and uniqueness of the natural world, but also in YOU!

– Saw-whet Owl Earrings
– 2” Drop
– Created from upcycled materials
– Laminated for protection from the elements
– Made in the USA

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