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If you’re planning a trip to Zion National Park, here is the ideal package to help you plan and prepare well. These publications answer the most often asked questions concerning a trip to Zion. Included are three publications and one map – a $48.33 value that we offer for $39.99, plus a bonus. The package includes:

Zion: Sanctuary in the Desert by Nicky Leach

This book is the perfect introduction to Zion National Park. It is full of large and beautiful photographs of the park and the text covers the early inhabitants of Zion, its geological history, its flora and fauna, landmarks and history of preservation.

Regular retail price: $12.95.

Zion Adventure Guide by Greer Chesher

This guide includes:

  • Detailed maps
  • Trail guides
  • Things to see and do
  • Reservation information
  • Hiking and backpacking tips
  • Guide to the Zion Shuttle System

Trail information includes “explorer logs” filled with interpretive information on geology, plants, animals, and human history-connecting landscape with story to enhance your experience in one of America’s most beloved national parks.
The 160-page book has nearly 200 photographs and 25 maps.

Regular retail price: $16.99

Geology Unfolded: Zion National Park

Take this handy tri-fold guide with you to help identify the many exposed geologic features throughout Zion National Park: How was the rock formed? Why does the canyon width vary? What causes the variety of color on the canyon walls? These are some of the questions addressed.  Prepared by Thomas H. Morris (Ph.D.), Scott M. Ritter (Ph. D.) and Dallin P. Laycock; Published by BYU Press.

Regular retail price: $4.95

The National Geographic Trails Illustrated Topographic Map

This map covers the entire park and includes the front-country and back-1ountry trails as well as important information on camping and hiking in the park. A special feature of this map is that it is water and tear resistant. Very handy for several of Zion’s beautiful trails.

Regular retail price: $11.95

FREE BONUS – The Zion Canyon Shuttle Guide is a pocket-sized booklet that tells you all you need to know about using the popular Zion Canyon Shuttle service. The free shuttle runs from early spring through late fall and makes the park experience much more peaceful and enlightening than it used to be with as many as 5,000 cars a day in the canyon. The guide will tell you about each of the stops and share helpful hints about how to make the most of your time in the canyon.

Regular retail price: $1.49

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