A New Place to Discover: Zion National Park Discovery Center

Project Need: Gifts of Any Amount

Imagine you had the opportunity to shape the direction of a new National Park experience. Over the last 8 years, Zion Forever Project and our many partners have been working to make that a reality. The first visible step was taken last August when the new Zion National Park Discovery Center broke ground. Poised for an assumptive unveiling in 2025, the Zion Discovery Center is a new opportunity to connect visitors with another story of the park. This ambitious legacy initiative represents a significant enhancement to the east side of Zion National Park, envisioned to elevate visitor services, conserve wildlife and flora, and introduce novel educational and recreational opportunities. 

This monumental project is designed to serve millions of annual visitors with an enriched, comprehensive experience. Natalie Britt, Zion Forever’s President & CEO, emphasizes the project’s significance, stating: “This building is a commitment to our future, ensuring that every visitor has an opportunity to connect with the park.” Zion Superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh echoes this sentiment, highlighting the critical role of the Discovery Center in conserving the park’s natural corridor: “It’s a gateway to understanding, conserving, and experiencing Zion.”

A recent $5 million grant from the State of Utah and the Outdoor Adventure Commission has propelled the timeline for the site’s educational campus forward. Still, critical gap funding is needed to ensure the campus is ready for its debut. As the park strides towards this historic milestone, the call for funding becomes more urgent. Your donations will make available key resources needed to design and install exhibits, signs, and pathways, helping to develop the grounds into an educational experience corridor worthy of our National Parks. 

The Zion National Park Discovery Center is a testament to what can be achieved when vision aligns with action. It stands as a pledge to safeguard the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Zion region while simultaneously addressing the challenges of modern visitation pressures. In the spirit of stewardship and legacy, the Zion Forever Project invites you to be part of this historic endeavor. Your support will help realize a vision that enhances the visitor experience and ensures the conservation of these cherished natural resources forever.