A Permanent Fee Booth at North View

Funded: $24,000

At the far northern end of the monument where Cedar Breaks meets with the roads to the Brian Head Ski Resort and the town of Panguitch, is the North View Overlook. 

There is no infrastructure at North View Overlook; there are no restrooms, no shade, no seating, and indeed no ranger booth. From this isolated intersection, hundreds of thousands of visitors gather each year to peer into 60 million years of geologic history exposed by the slow but continuous forces of erosion. Even though the park’s main entrance is south near Point Supreme Overlook, this northern view is a popular entrance for the visitors coming in from the North. 

Already being piloted, a temporary fee station has been constructed at the northern site. An old maintenance shed was redesigned and repurposed into a temporary booth using park service ingenuity and resourcefulness. It’s a great start, but more is needed. Your support would mean the construction of a new permanent fee station at the North View Overlook, outfitted with solar panels, propane heating, and insulated walls. Future plans include constructing a new bathroom building and providing additional programs and services to park visitors. 

This new permanent structure does more than provide shelter and comfort for the rangers; it lets them meet the public head-on. The permanent ranger posting will increase fee collection, disperse visitors, and allow for equipment storage so that new park programs can take place throughout the monument. It will mean multi-season interpretation allowing park staff to provide talks and interpretive programs even during the winter season when snow limits vehicle access but brings thousands of skiers, snowshoers, and snowmobiles. 

Our continued investments in Cedar Breaks National Monument will ensure the park remains a pride of the local community and visitors alike.