Bike Racks – Pedaling in Zion Canyon

Funding Needed: $40,000

“If you haven’t ridden the canyon from top to bottom, you really are missing out. It can be eerily quiet around some turns. It makes you feel so small in an enormous space.” – Park Guest

This past season as Zion’s iconic shuttle-buses were filled to capacity, eager visitors discovered an alternative way to experience Zion Canyon; they biked!

For park-goers willing to pedal, the eight-mile Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is an enchanting winding road traveling past some of the park’s most prominent mountain peaks and viewpoints. It carves past Angels Landing all the way to the staging area for the famous Narrows hike on the bank of the Virgin River.

Two of the most prominent stops, the Temple of Sinawava and the Grotto, have restroom facilities, paved access to the river, and developed parking areas. However, they lack the increased capacity for additional bicycles. With your support, new bike racks will help accommodate the hundreds of bikes that are parked daily along the Scenic Drive.

When bikes are laid on the ground or strapped to trees, visitors are unknowingly damaging park resources, harming sensitive vegetation and native plants, and creating potential safety hazards by blocking access to pathways and trails.

This project moves Zion toward becoming a more bike-friendly park while also encouraging eco-friendly transportation and reducing the number of vehicles in Zion Canyon. Built from sturdy weather resistant metal, these racks last decades with little maintenance, and will serve thousands of cyclists each season.