Bringing 1500+ Kids (of all Ages) for Virtual Zion Visits

Funding Needed: $15,000

While Zion is located in the deepest southwest pocket of Utah, its beauty and impact extend throughout the world. Distance learning opportunities now provide students and teachers with a free, direct link to Zion National Park. Using green-screen technology and digital video systems, Education Rangers connect live and broadcast from Zion headquarters directly into any classroom.

This past season, 51 classes and more than 1500 students participated in the Education Rangers’ presentations. While the majority of these classrooms are here in the United States, the program expanded recently to cover overseas locations such as Puerto Rico and Australia. And the reach goes beyond traditional classrooms, also broadcasting live into senior living and nursing home communities so the enriching education is available for all regardless of age. To meet the needs of this diverse audience, the lesson plans are dynamic and offer content suited for kindergarten all the way to continued adult education.

Demand for this inspiring program continues to drive the need for additional funding. This gift will help the distance learning team hire two more staff in 2020 enabling them to create more customized lesson plans, reach more students, and continue the mission of sharing Zion—especially to those who might not be able to experience it in person.