Connecting Cyclists to Zion Canyon

Funded: $150,000
Funding Needed: $0

With the two-year State Route 9 road construction project complete, visitors enjoy a new option as they travel through Springdale. Incorporating active transportation best practices, the Springdale corridor now includes a well-designed bike lane that connects the south end of Springdale to Zion Village, just outside the pedestrian entrance to the park. Once inside the park, the Pa’rus Trail links guests to Canyon Junction, the gateway to Zion Canyon.

Currently, the town of Springdale and Zion National Park lack a key connector between the pedestrian entrance to Zion National Park and the start of the Pa’rus Trail. As cyclists approach the park entrance, they are forced to either negotiate the pedestrian plaza or ride the overly-congested road into the park. Without a bike path, multiple modes of transportation are sharing the same space creating congestion between vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Through generous support from the Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant Program, Zion has secured half of the funding needed to build a seamless connection between Springdale’s bike lane and the Pa’rus Trail. By offering a 1:1 match, this project will “close the loop” and create a new recreational opportunity for cyclists within the Zion boundary.