East Zion Conservation – Protecting the Natural Setting

Funding Needed: $1,150,000

In order to safeguard the conservation vision of the East Zion Initiative more than 700 acres must be protected through conservation easements. These easements will protect the natural, scenic, and agricultural heritage of the land from incompatible development forever. Through the generosity of the McLaws family, the largest tracts totaling 527 acres have already been conserved.

With your support, Zion Forever is working to secure a conservation easement on 37.7 acres of heavily trafficked land adjacent to the park’s east entrance. This catalyst acquisition removes development rights, and secures the eastern gateway, guaranteeing public access through a curated trails network linking directly to the new East Zion Visitor Center. The next phase includes conserving 144 acres of agricultural land just east of the 37 acre parcel.