East Zion Visitor Center- A Second Home

Funding Needed: $200,000

The East Zion Visitor Center will serve as an official Zion National Park visitor center, including full Arrowhead designation, managed through a multi-partner agreement between Zion NPS, Kane County, and Zion Forever Project.

The building will be the gathering place and launch point for the new trails network planned on Zion’s east side. A spectrum of trail experiences will be available, from interpretive pathways linking key destinations to more rugged trails eventually connecting to the trails within the park.

The 7,000 square foot facility will include visitor orientation, Interpretative and Active Learning Programs, Jr. Ranger, and special community events, as well as changing exhibits allowing the park to showcase items from its archives. A large-format theater and community garden will provide educational entertainment and agricultural experiences for guests and local residents. A Zion Forever park store will provide books, maps, park-themed souvenirs, and essentials.

With $15.5M secured from Utah’s Community Impact Board though Kane County, additional funding is needed to establish a full season of active learning programs, including K-12 curriculum, and Title 1 programs. Funding is also needed to outfit the new location with interpretive displays, walkways, and restroom facilities.

The Visitor Center will serve as a hub for an electric shuttle transit network, connecting East Zion, Kane & Washington Communities with the park through a regional, seamless transit experience, extending programmatic and recreational opportunities across the Greater Zion Landscape.

Your gift builds the future of the park experience in the last unprotected gateway to a National Park in the lower 48 states.