Expedition Zion Forever

Funded: $50,000

Reflective of their commitment to do “good in the world” and their legacy effort to build their home communities, the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation is partnering with Zion Forever to create a new signature project. Blending expertise from Zion’s award-winning Concrete to Canyons program and the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies’ Driven 2 Teach Initiative, Expedition Zion Forever expands park outreach to Title I teachers and students in Salt Lake City.

Beginning in 2020, Expedition Zion Forever will bring 20 middle school teachers to Zion for an immersive 3-day park experience. Subject matter experts will lead field studies on geology, astronomy, earth sciences, and cultural and natural resources. Each participating teacher will develop lesson plans for use in their home classrooms, benefiting thousands of students. These immersive lesson plans will also be distributed via Zion’s Distance Learning program to classrooms around the world.

In a program designed for Salt Lake City students, five teachers and seven of their students will be invited to a 3-day Zion Forever Field School. Students will camp (many for the first time) in the Greater Zion Landscape and enjoy hiking, stargazing, and making s’mores. Returning home, students and teachers will lead presentations at their schools and at community-wide events. Upon completion of the program, both teachers and students will certify as Zion Forever Ambassadors prepared to lead the discourse on how we protect the Zion experience for our communities.

The Zion Forever Project and the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation are excited to create this opportunity for students and teachers in Zion’s home state. Zion Forever is grateful to Gail Miller and her family for this trendsetting support, and is excited for additional Zion supporters to join our collective effort.