Floor of Valley Trail: Pa’rus to Sinawava Extension and Utilities Upgrades

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Embarking on a transformative journey to enhance Zion National Park’s accessibility and safeguard its pristine beauty, the Floor of the Valley Trail project marks an ambitious $50 million multi-phased project aiming to not only enrich visitor safety by providing a new Zion trail but also to modernize the park’s sanitary plumbing infrastructure and preserve the official “Wild and Scenic” designation of the Virgin River.

Already in its preliminary planning stages, the project envisions the construction of a trail extension from the existing terminus of the Pa’rus Trail, which runs parallel to the Virgin River’s path (part of the historic 1929 Bridle Trail), stretching 6.5 miles from Canyon Junction to the Temple of Sinawava. This extension of the existing Pa’rus Trail will offer a safe, scenic route for pedestrians and cyclists to reach the temple while avoiding the hazards of shuttle and passenger car traffic. 

Additionally, buried underneath the multi-use trail lies a second key goal: constructing new utility infrastructure to address critical waste management challenges. Taking advantage of the disruption to the trail, this infrastructure will provide a crucial sewer line from the Temple of Sinawava to Canyon Junction and set the stage for the modernization of the canyon’s restroom and waste facilities.

Park Superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh, reflecting on the project’s significance, stated: “Ensuring the health and safety of our visitors while conserving the park’s natural resources is paramount. This trail and utilities project represents a stride towards a sustainable future where all can enjoy the serenity of Zion.”

This project, set to unfold over five years, underscores a collective commitment to enhancing the Zion experience. The State of Utah has generously committed $18 million towards the project, and Washington County agencies are providing engineering, design, and technical assistance. With the support of our partners and generous donors, this legacy initiative promises to elevate visitor safety, modernize facilities, and reaffirm our dedication to conserving the majestic beauty of Zion National Park.