Greater Zion Landscape – Framing the Bigger Picture

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From the beginning, the Zion Forever Project has recognized our work extends beyond the boundaries of the parks. Collaboration with park leadership, grassroots donors, local communities, generous business partners of all sizes, and federal agencies, have allowed the Forever Project to establish a powerful and unique coalition of partners extending across the public and private spectrum.

In 2020 these partnerships, including willing landowners and other non-profits, like the Nature Conservancy and the National Park Foundation, meant that more than 600 acres of land near or adjacent to Zion National Park were conserved, free from future development.

As parks across the nation face new challenges, overdue maintenance, constrained budgets, limited staff, and ever-increasing demand from the public, it will take every willing voice to contribute in their own way. Working together we can ensure the park experience into the future. Protecting access corridors and educating the public about responsible land use remain top park priorities.

With thousands of acres still unprotected, Zion Forever will continue working with organizations like the National Park Foundation and the Trust for Public Land to conserve sensitive habitats and fragile biomes adjacent to park boundaries.

The resources encompassed within this Greater Zion Landscape represent a natural history worth sharing and a cultural heritage worth preserving, forever. Your gift in 2021 allows the Forever Project to continue growing these partnerships in advocacy of a sustainable future for our shared public lands.