Harnessing Solar Energy for Zion’s Future

Funding Needed: $50,000

The Watchman Employee Housing area has 33 residential units which thousands of Zion’s team members have called home over the seasons. Zion seeks to pilot a project that would increase long-term sustainability by installing solar-thermal water heaters in 14 homes eventually extending to all 33 housing units. Solar water heaters can be used in any climate, and installation within the park takes advantage of Zion’s abundant sunshine. This project supports the desire of Zion’s leadership to become more energy-efficient and will cut annual water heating costs by an estimated 50%.

Over the initial three years, the savings will be directed to the installation of additional thermal systems until all 33 residential units are retrofitted. The park will also collect data to determine whether the project can be utilized in the visitor use areas including park campgrounds, restrooms and museum facilities.