Leveraging Solar at Cedar Breaks

Funding Needed: $49,400

Since its inception in 1916, the National Park Service has been a world leader in protecting natural resources. While preserving some of the country’s greatest treasures, the National Park Service is showing leadership in sustainable resource management. Cedar Breaks is following that proud tradition and seeks to generate one-hundred percent of its electrical demand through on-site solar power within the next ten years. Due to its high elevation at 10,300 feet, Cedar Breaks is uniquely situated to generate solar power and wants to start the process by installing a solar power system at the Cedar Breaks Ranger Station.

With a roof pitch ideal for solar energy capture, the Cedar Breaks Ranger Station will have solar panels installed and connected to the grid that powers the National Monument. The solar energy generated from this project will save Cedar Breaks an estimated $115,713 over the system’s lifetime. The cost savings provided from the move to more efficient energy sources will be reinvested in operations directly impacting visitor experience and education. Producing solar power at Cedar Breaks is an outward expression of its care for natural resources and represents a true improvement in park management by focusing revenue savings on visitor experience enhancement.