Maintaining the Integrity of Scout Lookout

FUNDED: $75,000
MORE NEEDED: $75,000

The Scout Lookout hike is a four-miler that packs a lot of punch into its short length. Through a series of iconic switchbacks called Walter’s Wiggles, visitors come to a natural saddle overlooking Zion Canyon. The views are spectacular, and many visitors call this a destination. For those heading to the final stretch of Angel’s Landing, Scout Lookout serves as base camp and includes the last toilet facilities.

The park is actively working on engineering and assessment to replace the existing toilets installed more than seventeen years ago. The high desert location, bedrock, and thin soil cover in this location are a challenge for any system. The park has found a technology and infrastructure that has been developed and maintained successfully in similar high elevation, remote and rugged terrains in National and State Parks in the US and Canada.

This project will fund the final design, siting and construction of a new toilet facility for Scout Lookout including reclamation of the existing site. This new system will more effectively protect the natural resources in this fragile setting while improving visitor services. It will also save the park from having to contract for additional helicopter trips to carry human waste off the mountain every Fall in 55 gallon drums. This is one of the park’s highest priorities, and the Zion Forever Project is thankful to have a significant gift from a generous and thoughtful donor to help make this project possible for one of Zion’s most revered settings.