More than a Place. More than a Film.

Project Completed
Premiering November 19, 2019

In 2018, the Zion Forever Project and Zion National Park visioned a new park film experience. Following the traditional model adopted by most NPS units, the current park film shows Zion’s magnificent landscape, as narration and music introduce important moments in the park’s history. While the park film has well-served visitors for 19 years, telling the story of Zion without the voices and daily experiences of our guests no longer meets the needs of one of the world’s most-visited parks.

Field Guide funding from 2018 kick-started the creation of a new park film we believe will inspire visitors from around the world. Blazing a trail together, the Zion Forever Project, Zion National Park, and Local Studio are producing a Forever Film that will debut on November 19, 2019, the day Zion became Utah’s first National Park in 1919. The character-driven approach of the Forever Film changes the discourse for what it means to have stewardship over our public lands, told through the stories of twelve Zion “Keepers.” Climbers and canyoneers, artists and Rangers, school kids and long-time residents all share why Zion is worthy of sustained sanctuary, and how collectively we can assure Zion’s forever.

“Everything is connected,” proclaims film character Angie Bulletts, Supervisor of the Dixie National Forest and member of the Kaibab Paiute Tribe. “We’re also connected to the landscape and to the trees, the animals, and the minerals. We were sent here to be stewards of the land and to take care of all of the resources that are here.”

Angie’s voice, along with the 11 other Zion storytellers, will be shared in the park every half hour, for the next 15 years. To hear more from Angie and catch a sneak peak of what’s in store, visit the Zion Forever Project YouTube channel and follow @zionforeverproject to get Forever Film updates.