Outfitting Zion Rangers for Winter

GIFT REQUESTED: $17,500 or a Snowmobile

To access many of Zion’s well-loved backcountry hikes, including the Zion Subway and West Rim Trail, guests traverse steep inclines and switchbacks on the 14-mile Kolob Terrace Road. From first snow to spring runoff, Zion Rangers are tasked with protecting this sprawling wilderness 8000 feet above sea level. Harsh and unpredictable weather conditions abound.

Once winter sets in, the Kolob Terrace Road becomes a snowmobile trail from Maloney Hill to Lava Point, allowing recreationalists access to this snow-covered region of the park. Zion Rangers use a trio of aging snowmobiles to perform search and rescue missions, monitor wildlife, and protect visitors during this season. These machines have capacity far below what recreationalists are using to explore the region, and one of them recently became completely unserviceable. Rangers are now concerned about protecting guests, wildlife, and resources for the upcoming winter season.

This unique project will outfit Zion Rangers with a modern sled equipped with the capacity and mountain performance needed to successfully patrol the backcountry for years to come. Facing a pressing need from Zion’s Law Enforcement Team, the Zion Forever Project welcomes enthusiasts to join us in creatively funding this top-priority project.