Paiute Youth Camp – Sustaining the Native Spirit

Funded: $15,000

“I feel more connected with my ancestors when I am here, and with how they survived.” – K Camp participant

Camp Kwiyamuntsi, or K Camp, is a rare opportunity for young Southern Paiutes to gather and allow Tribal elders to offer their knowledge and guidance. The Paiute people and their ancestors have existed in these lands beyond recorded time. Sharing their knowledge with the next generation is one way to maintain their culture and traditions.

During the day, the immersive experience has campers participate in activities led by Tribal elders and staff focused on cultural values and traditions. These lessons help connect them to their heritage. Campers also meet with National Park, BLM, and U.S. Forest rangers, learning about the fieldwork, science, and research that helps park managers conserve natural resources. At night, they gather and share stories rooted in the tribe’s traditional understanding of nature and familial connections. These pivotal moments open their minds to new opportunities.

Past camps have offered a range of fun outdoor activities that get participants engaged in new outdoor experiences like hiking and fishing. For some, it might even be their first time camping.

“You can tell that they want to learn, and all this knowledge filling their heads, you can tell it touches them. That is why I am grateful for this camp, the Tribe, and the agencies that put this together.”– K Camp Parent and Tribal Member

Continued support from the Forever Project means this collaboration with Southern Paiute Bands and multiple federal land agencies will continue to offer native youth a chance to connect and have a meaningful summer camp experience rooted in their historic values and traditions.