Revitalizing the Interpretive Orchard: Pipe Spring’s Living Legacy

Project Need: $7,000

At Pipe Spring National Monument, an ambitious project is underway to revitalize the interpretative orchard and underscore the region‘s deep historical agricultural roots. Established in the 1970s and now in declining condition, the existing orchard would be relocated to a more historically accurate location and replanted with period-appropriate fruit trees, which are more resilient to climate change and drought conditions. The adjacent grape arbor will also be trans- formed into an innovative storytelling space for diverse and inclusive interpretation.

This project represents a journey to the “golden age of pomology“ (the study of fruit growing), offering visitors a stark visual contrast to modern orchards and a shaded space for education and enjoyment. The project simplifies tree health management by focusing on apples, with larger, more vigorous trees offering expansive root systems for greater drought resistance. Visitors will witness historic pruning methods, which, along with the greater canopy size, will create a visually distinct landscape that enhances the interpretative opportunities by recreating what the orchard might have been like in the 1800s.

By embracing traditional orchard plans and care techniques, Pipe Spring National Monument sets a precedent for historical accuracy, environmental sustainability, and educational value, providing a model for similar endeavors in the region and beyond. Your support of this project will allow Zion‘s visually distinct landscape to keep thriving.