Securing a Source of Renewable Energy

Funded: $19,700

New infrastructure and park improvements require power and energy to make them work, and in a rural high-elevation site like Cedar Breaks, that can be challenging. Luckily, being situated high above at over 10,000 feet, Cedar Breaks is an ideal site to utilize solar energy. 

“The monument really is the perfect place to install these new panels. Our altitude means less atmosphere to compete with, which means the panels are more efficient and collect more energy. The cost savings over the life of this project are significant saving taxpayer dollars and providing a better experience.” –Adam Peterson, Chief of Facility Management, Cedar Breaks National Monument 

The project will see 28 solar panels mounted to the park’s main Ranger Station. The highly visible location has a roof pitched at the perfect angle to collect maximum sunlight. The southern facing panels also demonstrate the National Park Service’s commitment to clean energy and offer the ability to show a working example to the public. 

The solar panels are already purchased and secured on-site. This project funds the tools and expertise needed to install them properly. The panels provide direct power to the building and help reduce the monument’s dependence on the traditional electrical grid saving thousands of dollars. 

In total, over the life of the project, the combined power of the 28 solar cells will generate more than 11,000 kW of electrical power saving more than $115,000. This move to renewable energy reduces carbon emissions equal to removing approximately 178 cars from the road or about the same amount of carbon sequestered by 1,000 acres of U.S. National Forest. Bringing this and other critical infrastructure projects to the mountain ensures that Cedar Breaks remains a cherished site today and, with continued investments in green technology, also tomorrow.