Sending a Zion Ranger to Rock- Solid Search and Rescue Training

GIFT REQUESTED: $1400 per Ranger

Responding to the need for highly specialized rescue skills, the National Park Service hosted the first mountain rescue training in 1948 at Mount Rainier. For the last 70 years, NPS has offered advanced courses to help its Search and Rescue Rangers learn the latest rigging, rappelling, ascending, and knot-passing techniques. Zion Search and Rescue Rangers have been attending the service-wide Western Basic Technical Rescue Training (WBTRT) for more than 15 years, hosted by Canyonlands National Park.

Due to decreasing budgets and a pressing need for new equipment, NPS no longer reimburses travel costs for Rangers and instructors attending WBTRT. As a flagship park recognized as a leader in using cutting-edge techniques and equipment for Search and Rescue, Zion has traditionally sent Rangers as both students and instructors, and hopes to continue this tradition in 2020 by securing funding for travel and equipment. This gift extends far beyond the park’s borders as seasoned Zion Rangers, some of the highest trained rescuers in NPS, instruct Rangers from parks across the service. This gift also assures professional development for younger Zion employees, building capacity that will benefit their careers and the essential visitor services they provide.