Helping Teachers Teach

Funded: $25,000

-Field Workshops-

Inspiring and connecting with students is part of the solution to future challenges. Equipping teachers with new tools and continuing education multiplies the effect and acknowledges that we never stop learning. 

Based on similar programs throughout the country, this new pilot program will see local teachers head into the park for a 5-day, deep dive into all things Zion. Rangers will meet teachers in the park for a workweek filled with seminars, lesson plans, field excursions, and opportunities for educators to discover NPS resources they can take back to their classroom. It is also an opportunity for teachers to share their experiences in school helping park leaders develop new curriculum. 

It’s about more than assisting teachers in the classroom. The program allows seasoned educators to earn continuing education credits that can apply to their career advancement. Targeted towards teachers in Southern Utah, the initial class of ten will participate in elements focused on a comprehensive STEAM approach (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Specifically, lessons will focus on ways to incorporate art into their science and technology curriculum. 

Beyond traditional classroom learning, the program will also share with teachers the importance of responsible stewardship and cultivate a passion for conservation and preservation of natural and cultural resources. 

Park data suggests that teachers were 40% more likely to utilize on-site, off-site, and even web-based park resources from similar programs after participating in the course. The ultimate goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with local educators fostering a place-based community of sharing and learning. Your donations help secure the materials, staff, and resources needed to plan for, host, and evaluate the program so it can continue to be refined in future seasons.