Zion Wayside Signs – Tracking the Trekking Assets

Funded: $45,100

At some of the Nation’s most scenic and remote locations, from wilderness trailheads to roadside viewpoints, you may not always find a ranger, but you will usually find a sign.

By National Park Service definition, these signs and placards are known as Interpretive Media. For visitors to Zion, these permanent displays provide critical information like trail difficulty and length, as well as educational information about cultural history and natural sciences.

In a park visited by millions each year, Zion’s signs have informed their share of visitors. Some, after decades of service, succumb to the elements, others require updating, and unfortunately, many have been defaced with senseless graffiti.

With the last audit occurring more than a decade ago, a donation to this project provides the equipment and seasonal staff necessary to visit, assess, log, and map each one of Zion’s nearly 250 signs and interpretive displays. Once complete, park staff will begin the hard work of designing and installing new signage.