2023 Impact Report: Working Partners

Our 2023 Partners

Our Working Partners are instrumental in creating the connections and experiences that lead to lifelong stewardship. As we turn the page into next year, we are inspired by the safeguarding Zion and the surrounding region for future generations. Thank you to all of the businesses and staff for their unwavering commitment to the protection and preservation of our parks. Together, we will always achieve more than we ever could individually.

AutoCamp Zion

Bumbleberry Gift Shop

Cliffrose Lodge

Concept 360

CSAA Insurance Group

Deep Creek Coffee Co.

DOMA Coffee Roasting Company

Fog & Fern Coffees

Kyle Loves Tori Photography

Mystery Ranch

Parks Project

Simpson & Vail

Wild Mesa Mountain Bike Tours

Wild Tribute

Zion Cycles

Zion Guide Hub

Zion Mountain Ranch

Zion National Park Lodge

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort


Mission Impacts

The park’s highest priority projects in need of funding are listed in our annual Field Guide under our 3-fold mission to Improve Today, Inform Tomorrow, and Protect Forever. Whether our Working Partners dedicate their support to an individual project or mission, or all efforts combined, these are ways that they have embraced the challenge to be responsible stewards of our natural resources this year.

Improving Today
Cliffrose Springdale

A group of Search and Rescue trainees practice carrying a person on a backboard.

Cliffrose hosted and accommodated Moose Mutlow, a well-known and respected Search & Rescue and Family Liaison Officer trainer who equipped Zion National Park staff with the education and tools to respond to SAR efforts. Cliffrose’s support directly contributes to enhancing the safety and efficiency of SAR efforts in Zion National Park.

Informing Tomorrow
CSAA Insurance Group

A group of students stand with a Zion National Park Ranger on a hiking trail.

CSAA’s annual donation has played a pivotal role in sustaining Concrete to Canyons throughout the years. In 2020, amidst COVID-19 challenges, their support enabled virtual field trips, while in 2021 and 2022, it facilitated one-day immersive experiences. This year, thanks in part to CSAA’s continued support, the program has been fully reinstated, providing a comprehensive three-day experience that significantly enhances the connection between local youth and the natural environment.

Protecting Forever
Zion Mountain Ranch, Zion Cycles, DOMA Coffee Roasting Company, and Wild Mesa Mountain Bike Tours

Supportive landowners, like Zion Mountain Ranch, have provided generous donations of conservation easements and land parcels for the development of new mountain bike trails outside Zion’s east gates. Zion Cycles initiated the #FundTheFlow campaign, where a portion of every bike and e-bike rental contributes to trail construction. This endeavor inspired other businesses, including DOMA Coffee Roasting Company and Wild Mesa Mountain Bike Guides, to join in. Each partner devised unique ways to contribute, like donating a portion of coffee sales and guided rides.

Strategic Accomplishments

Our Working Partners play a pivotal role in bringing strategic campaigns to life and orchestrating impactful events throughout the year. In addition to financial support, our partners bring a wealth of resources, expertise, and networks that amplify our reach to donors, stakeholders, and regional communities.

Zion Pride
AutoCamp Zion

Two Park Rangers lead the parade during Zion Pride on the Pa'Rus trail.

Zion National Park marked a historic milestone by hosting its first-ever Pride event in the park. AutoCamp played a lead role in making the celebration possible by hosting the after-party, providing the keynote speaker and VIP guests accommodations, and cementing their commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity in our parks.

Week For Zion
Mystery Ranch, Zion Cycles, Deep Creek Coffee Co., Zion National Park Lodge, Parks Project, and Cliffrose Springdale

This year, Zion Forever Project introduced its inaugural community-based fundraiser, Week For Zion. The week-long event was made possible by the support of key sponsors and partners. Their contributions, encompassing sponsorship, fiscal gifts, and in-kind donations, serve as a great example of the collaborative spirit that drives our mission.

Discovery Center Groundplanting
Zion Mountain Ranch

Governor Spencer Cox and Superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh participate in the ceremony's "groundplanting".The commencement of the Zion National Park Discovery Center took a unique and eco-conscious take on a traditional “groundbreaking”, thanks to the pivotal support from Zion Mountain Ranch. Zion Mountain Ranch facilitated land preparation, hosted vital stakeholders, catered food directly from their garden, and captured photos and video for the event.

Next Generation November
Wild Tribute

To amplify our GivingTuesday efforts this year, Wild Tribute joined in the support of programs like Concrete to Canyons, Rangers In The Classroom, K & Y Tribal Youth Camps, and IIC Interns, by matching donations dollar-for-dollar and doubling the impact of each individual donor. Thanks to their contribution, we were able to bring in 45 donors and support our parks with over $21,000 total donations!

Thank You

Looking back on this year’s accomplishments, we are filled with gratitude to have the generous support of our Working Partners. These partnerships fueled our efforts to expand conservation outside of our park’s borders, improve infrastructure across Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks, and Pipe Spring National Monuments, and foster stewardship with over 5 million visitors.

Please join us in celebrating the businesses that helped ensure our region’s public lands were accessible to all. We are honored to work side-by-side with such incredible advocates. Thank you to all of our partners and staff for helping to preserve our parks!