A Classroom with No Desk

Project Need: $20,200

Bringing students into the park is a cornerstone of Zion’s multifaceted approach to connecting students with nature. These in-park visits are integral to Zion’s comprehensive educational outreach, encompassing virtual classroom sessions, ranger visits to schools, and immersive experiences within the park. 

This multifaceted strategy enhances students’ learning and appreciation of the natural world through repeated engagement with Zion’s resources and stewardship principles.

The transportation scholarship aims to specifically address one of the most significant hurdles to accessing these transformative experiences: the cost of travel.

By providing the means for students to step into Zion National Park physically, the program amplifies the impact of pre-visit virtual lessons and post-visit reflections, offering students a full-circle educational journey. 

Many students in the communities that surround Zion have never had a chance to visit the world-renowned park right in their backyard, and our work aims to change this. Through hands-on exploration and guided activities that tie directly to Utah Core Standards, students are encouraged to see Zion and other National Park Service sites as sanctuaries for stress reduction, resiliency-building, and personal growth. By funding transportation, we can ensure that financial barriers do not prevent local Title 1 schools from bringing their students into the park.

As Zion National Park seeks funding to continue and expand this valuable program, the goal remains clear: to ensure that every child, regardless of economic background, can experience the wonder of the outdoors. Transportation scholarships are vital in making these transformative field trips possible, and your donations are crucial to forming the next generation of environmental stewards and Zion advocates.