A Historic Home for the Flock: Preserving Pipe Springs Chicken Coop

Project Need: $7,000

When we think of national parks, we often think of majestic elk, soaring eagles, and lumbering bears—not chickens. Yet the humble chicken is one of the species that takes center stage at Pipe Spring National Monument. This site, nestled just north of the Grand Canyon, is a testament to the ingenuity and resilience of the people who have called it home. Pipe Spring is not just a natural oasis but was once a crucial resource center for Southern Paiutes and early Mormon pioneers, offering a glimpse into the workings of a historic ranch.

The push for a new chicken coop at Pipe Spring National Monument is designed to avoid ruffling feathers. More than a poultry project, it is an essential step in preserving and interpreting the rich tapestry of life during a pivotal era in Western history. Chickens played a significant role in the daily lives of those who inhabited the site and area. They were a vital source of food and income, contributing to the self-sufficiency of pioneer families.

Today, the proposed chicken coop renovation aims to revitalize this historic structure and offer visitors an immersive experience of the livestock practices of the time. By supporting this project, donors will aid in preserving an underrepresented but important part of American history, offering further opportunities for future generations to learn about the diverse ways of life that shaped the West. Join us and support us in giving these chickens a coop worthy of their historic value and significance and keeping the stories of Pipe Spring alive for years to come.