Cedar Breaks Wayside Signs – Sharing Stories at 10,000 Feet

Funded: $5,139

“Powerful stories and information help visitors appreciate the contributions Cedar Breaks has made to our National heritage. On the trail, immersed in some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, these offerings provide a chance to appreciate the land, not just for its beauty, but as a resource to be cherished.”

– Kathleen Gonder, Superintendent Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Seeing double-digit visitation increases this past summer, public demand for quality, remote, high-alpine experiences – like the ones offered at Cedar Breaks National Monument, are greater than ever before.

Currently, the popular Sunset Trail has only one interpretive sign to accommodate park guests. With the planned construction of the Monument’s new Visitor Contact Station, this alpine gem requires refreshing.

At just over 2 miles round trip, this easily accessible trail begins beside the popular Point Supreme overlook. This gentle trail takes Monument guests past glowing wildflowers, culminating with a jaw-dropping view, perfect for sunset.

Park experts have envisioned a new series of eight large format sign installations, entitled “Beyond the Rim”, focused on sharing a deeper understanding of Cedar Breaks as a National Treasure. Each beautifully designed station will focus on a different topic, educating visitors about park geology, plants and animals, as well as the history of the land.

Park Management has the staff and labor needed to complete the project, but they lack funding for the quality materials needed to construct and install the new waysides. From many hands, or through a generous individual, a small gift brings to life vivid interpretive displays, educating and inspiring millions as seasonal visitation continues to increase.