Leading with Conservation: Protecting the Zions Eastern Gateway

Project Need: Gifts of Any Amount

Zion National Park’s dramatic red rocks and sandstone cliffs are a national treasure. It is our responsibility to preserve it for future generations. The East Zion Initiative, a testament to the power of collaboration, has already marked a significant conservation milestone by working with partners to protect more than 1,000 acres of parkland through agricultural and conservation easements. At the forefront of this movement stands the Zion National Park Discovery Center, a leader in the conservation efforts that extend beyond the park’s gates. The collaboration of significant partners in this endeavor, including private landowners and the State of Utah, has shown that unity and shared commitment can lead to extraordinary conservation achievements.

As we embark on the next phase of this critical mission, Zion Forever has identified an additional 300 acres that require protection. This land, characterized by its pristine viewsheds, vital watersheds, and crucial wildlife migration corridors, is more than a landscape—it is living proof of the harmony between humanity and nature. 

Your investment in this project affects every visitor who passes through the gates of Zion National Park. One of the last unprotected gateways to a National Park in the lower 48 states, Zion’s east side offers an opportunity for public and private land managers to work together to preserve the sanctity of these cherished lands. It is an investment in a vision that seeks to protect the corridor from incompatible development and to maintain the essence of what makes this place so uniquely captivating. 

Join us in this monumental effort. Together, we can protect the gateway to Zion, ensuring that the natural splendor defining these sacred spaces remains untouched forever.