Live Streaming Zion

Project Need: $58,000

Zion National Park’s Distance Learning Program is setting the standard for virtual park education, reaching over 3,000 students across the United States and internationally as distant as Japan. This program transcends geographical barriers, bringing the park’s rich natural and cultural history into classrooms worldwide and building an army of virtual stewards for not just our parks but all parks.

At the core of this program is an in-park studio and green screen room, where park rangers can broadcast live, immersive lessons into classrooms around the globe. The studio setup allows rangers to virtually transport students into the park, offering them a vivid, interactive learning experience that would otherwise be inaccessible. Whether students explore the intricate ecosystems, delve into geology, or study some of Zion’s iconic wildlife habits, the green screen technology enriches each lesson and makes learning engaging and effective.

Although these programs are targeted at elementary school audiences, the program’s lessons are suitable for students of all ages. The program reaches not just young students but also groups from adult continuing education courses and residents of assisted living facilities, many of whom may not be able to visit the park in person. By offering virtual visits, Zion’s rangers foster a deeper connection and understanding of the park’s significance to all who engage in the Distance Learning Program.

This multifaceted approach to education is part of a more extensive, multi-touch program combining virtual visits, ranger-led classroom visits, and in-park student experiences. Your continued support will ensure that this valuable educational resource inspires and educates future generations, regardless of their physical proximity to the park.