More than a Badge: Supporting the Junior Ranger Program

Project Need: $100,000

A Junior Ranger Badge is a gateway to a life of stewardship in the public lands and a pathway to becoming a future leader in the parks. In 2023, over 38,000 Junior Ranger booklets were distributed, alongside over 20,000 badges, encouraging and enabling Junior Rangers of all ages to delve into park-specific activities such as scavenger hunts and stewardship tasks.

This program educates about the park’s geology, botany, and history and instills vital messages about Leave No Trace principles and conservation. Children earn a Junior Ranger badge through activities completed in the booklets, symbolizing their commitment to park stewardship. The program, supported by generous donors, is offered freely to ensure everyone has access to the program. At a modest $1.50 per booklet and badge, even a small donation can extend this enriching program to more young explorers.

The role of Rangers is pivotal in creating and presenting programs that enhance family visits and deepen understanding of park stewardship. These Rangers work tirelessly to bring the Zion Nature Center to life, providing an interactive educational space that complements the Junior Ranger programs with events, programs, and more.

With expanded funding, the program aims to grow to incorporate new exhibits, provide the seasonal staffing necessary for youth-oriented programs, including that of the Junior Ranger program, and include new focuses on the night sky and paleontology. Your donation provides more than a badge. It underscores a commitment to fostering a new generation of park stewards across our public lands.