Next Level Zion: Youth Stewardship Program

Project Need: $15,000

The Zion Youth Stewards program is a strategic expansion of Zion National Park’s commitment to youth education, setting a new benchmark for immersive environmental learning. This latest outreach is designed to go beyond conventional education methods, like the Junior Ranger program and classroom field trips, which are typically designed for ages 4 to 13 and extend the realms of learning into the vibrant outdoors of Zion. It aims to foster a profound connection between later middle and high-school-aged students and the park, instilling in them a deep-rooted appreciation and understanding of the park and its surrounding environment.

With a focus on real-life skills, career exploration, and promotion of critical environmental concepts such as Leave No Trace, wilderness awareness, and the joys of outdoor recreation, this program is an ambitious step towards bridging the gap between youth and nature. By partnering with organizations like the YMCA and the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, Zion is reaching out to a broader audience and actively engaging underrepresented youth, offering them an unparalleled learning and discovery experience.

Lindsey Baker, Zion National Park’s Education Coordinator, encapsulates the essence of this transformative initiative: “This program is a gateway for Zion to influence the passions and career trajectories of young individuals. It is about opening doors to new possibilities and encouraging youths to envision a future where they play a crucial role in the conservation and stewardship of our natural world and to see the career opportunities available to them.”

Like other educational programs, the Zion Youth Stewards integrates virtual and in-park experiences, fostering a deeper connection to the park. This comprehensive approach ensures that participants receive a well-rounded exposure to environmental stewardship. New programs like this are only possible with the generosity of park lovers like you. Your gifts ensure education opportunities in Zion remain forever.