Pipe Spring Artifacts – Authentically Historic

Funding Needed: $2,500

“We are really telling multiple stories here; the stories of the native people, the story of Mormon settlers, and the story of their interactions with each other and the U.S. Government. It is not always a positive tale, but it is one that we endeavor to understand and to share.”
– Fred Armstrong, Superintendent, Pipe Spring National Monument

Pipe Spring National Monument serves as a cultural touchstone, connecting visitors and local communities through a story of conflict and compromise on the Arizona Strip. Parks like Pipe Spring have the ability to transport guests into the past, offering a chance to experience life in the West, from the perspective of the native Kaibab Paiute or as told in recorded stories from early settlers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Part of creating that experience involves careful attention to historical accuracy and detail.

The pioneer fort, period-specific costumes, and antique tools used for demonstrations and festivals are meticulously conserved or reproduced to match the look and feel of the time. The Monument’s main historic structure, known as “Winsor Castle,” has been reconditioned to how it would have operated in the 1850’s when it was part of a working ranch. Park staff have reconstructed other ranch buildings and Native American structures showing what life may have been like for the Paiute people during that same time.

Historic costumes and artifacts add color to annual celebrations and events like the popular winter celebration, “Frontier Holiday Traditions.” During this gathering the grounds are fully adorned for a pioneer Christmas, featuring Tribal-led drum circles, hot chocolate around the campfire, cowboy songs by the chuck wagon, and a candle-lit fort.

Your generosity allows the park to replace broken items, update inaccurate pieces, and grow the program by providing supplies for cooking and musical demonstrations, as well as funding Native musicians to play at annual public gatherings. This small investment secures a cultural legacy at this historic gathering place.